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The L3.0 CCMP dataset is initially made available as files corresponding to each day of the year, sorted by month.

Within each daily L3.0 data file you'll notice that there are four unique time steps, corresponding to: 0000 UTC, 0600 UTC, 1200 UTC, and 1800 UTC.

This data is not provided with a daily average, so any averaging that you would want to do would have to be done separately.

However, it is possible to aggregate this data into larger files.

Unfortunately, this dataset is a little too large to perform an annual aggregation, but you may aggregate on smaller time scales such as monthly.

To aggregate, simply use the following tool:

I would caution you that by aggregating the data you will notice the file size will be much larger (such as for one month aggregations).

Furthermore, all aggregated data files are uncompressed, thereby taking much longer to download compared to the compressed daily files.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory / Physical Oceanography DAAC


The following TOOLS are available at the Physical Oceanography DAAC (PO.DAAC)


State OThe Ocean (SOTO)
HIgh-level Tool for Interactive Data Extraction (HITIDE) 
 Live Access Server (LAS)