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The Daymet calendar is based on a standard calendar year. All Daymet years have 1 - 365 days, including leap years. For leap years, the Daymet dataset includes leap day. Values for December 31 are discarded from leap years to maintain a 365-day year.

The daily data is available in a couple of formats. You can get the gridded data, by variable, in netCDF file format by downloading either individual tiles of the data or downloading the entire spatial extent from our ftp site. If you want to subset the mosaic, you can do that through our THREDDS Data Server. You can also download individual pixel daily data using the Single Pixel Extraction tool. If you have several locations and want to automate that, a script is available. Below are links to each of those options, all of which are found from the Daymet web site.

Daymet web site:
Daymet Tile Download:
FTP Download of Mosaic Files:
THREDDS Data Server of Mosaic Files:
Single Pixel Extraction Tool (link to script):

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