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FIRMS Email Alerts
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Go to
Enter your email address and click proceed. Follow the instructions to
"edit" your new alert.
You can use the map to zoom in and select your area of interest either
by drawing a polygon, entering corner coordinates, or by selecting a
country or protected area.

Please review the FAQs: for more information.

If you have problems, let me know
FIRMS Support

Re: questions about NRT alerts

The FIRMS email alerts can be sent in near real-time, daily or weekly, so if you want to find out about fires detected as soon as possible you should subscribe to a near real-time email alert.

The fire points are sent out in an email as soon as they are processed by LANCE. Alerts are sent only if a fire (or hotspot) was detected. Near real-time alerts are usually sent within 3 hours of satellite overpass for fires detected using MODIS, onboard Aqua and Terra, and within 4 hours for fires detected using data from VIIRS. The near real-time alerts are subscribed to and managed by the user just the same way as the daily and weekly detection summaries.

Please see our FAQs for more information.

If you have further questions, please let me know.

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