Adding a Dataset or Data Service Description to the GCMD
Posted by Tyler Stevens, Last modified by Tyler Stevens on 24 October 2013 12:11 PM

If you have a data set or service that is relevant to global change, consider advertising to the scientific community through the GCMD using the docBUILDER metadata authoring tool. The GCMD is not limited to governmental datasets nor is it restricted to freely distributed data. It is open to anyone having data or services that may advance our understanding of Earth and its systems, from the smallest, micro-scale dataset to the largest global satellite downloads. All are welcome.

In addition, you as the data holder both maintain control of the data and its distribution (the GCMD is a data locator) as well as receive credit for the data. For holders of a great deal of data or services, the GCMD is a convenient way to maintain a descriptive index of your data or service for your own reference as well. Best of all, both searching for and including dataset and service descriptions is completely free.

To add or modify descriptions in the GCMD, visit

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